>The project's goal is to keep the charming, undeveloped character of the area intact by clustering the buildings within the village perimeter while adhering to the maximum surrounding dimensions. Additionally, to minimize the visual impact, the sports hall and its annexes are planned to be buried. The buildings surrounding a spacious courtyard, which not only creates easy access but also separates the school complex from adjacent housing. The courtyard is designed as a multi-functional area for learning and play, providing a safe environment for the students, as well as serving as a bustling hub for sports clubs and district residents. The south of the property boasts various sports amenities, including a soccer field, club changing rooms, and a refreshment room, a tennis court, and a petanque field. The area to the south of the complex, except for the refreshment zone, is left undeveloped, providing a serene, nature-filled view.
>Champagne, Switzerland
>Marianne Ghorayeb
>Diana Fueyo

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