>To create coherence with the site, the project aims to preserve the undeveloped character of the surrounding perimeter by grouping buildings within the village perimeter while respecting the maximum surrounding dimensions. To reduce the visual impact, the project proposes burying the triple sports hall and its annexes. The buildings are organized around a large courtyard, which provides easy access and clearly separates the school complex from the surrounding housing. The courtyard, which was designed as a school and recreational area, provides a safe environment and access for the students. This area, conceived as a place of life and leisure for the village, is valued and frequented not only by sports clubs but also by the district's residents. The soccer field, club changing rooms and refreshment room, tennis court, and petanque field are located to the south of the plot. With the exception of the refreshment area, the area to the south of the complex is left undeveloped.
>Champagne, Switzerland
>Marianne Ghorayeb
>Diana Fueyo