>In today’s world, libraries have transformed into much more than a mere repository of books. From the stained glass windows of churches in the past, to the invention of printing, and now the era of digital media, libraries have undergone a remarkable evolution. The library of the 21st century aims to inspire a culture of learning by acting as a hub for diverse social, professional, and recreational activities.

Take, for instance, the Rolex Learning Center at EPFL by Sanaa, which focuses on the organization of spaces designed to encourage learning, encourage interaction, and inspire curiosity. The traditional bookshelves have been replaced by spaces that promote relaxation, co-working, and other engaging activities like club sports, yoga or even concerts. With access to diverse knowledge media, people have the freedom to choose their preferred means of learning while engaging in enjoyable social activities.

The library has thus become a “media carpet” that is woven with various threads of creativity. From conference rooms to relaxation spaces and coworking areas, the library of today has something to offer for everyone who seeks to learn and grow. By providing stimulating opportunities for growth and interaction, libraries have transformed from a silent repository into a vibrant and engaging community center for all.
>Warsaw, Poland
>Marianne Ghorayeb

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