>Looking for a charming space to call home, a young artist couple in Brooklyn reached out to us for a makeover of their modest 2-bedroom apartment. Our challenge was to create an open and inviting space for the couple while staying within their budget.

Our solution involved a unique layout that facilitated an airy and open ambiance - perfect for a life full of artistic exploration. With custom millwork as well as bespoke furnishings, the interior is tailored to the couple's needs and personality. We designed and crafted a custom dining table that perfectly blends with the overall aesthetic of the space.
We only made use of plentiful, readily available, and non-toxic materials. The kitchen and bathroom provide a simple yet effective break so that the couple can fluidly move around the apartment. The pass-through was specially incorporated to connect the two common spaces and provide a visual channel through which the couple can share their experiences.
A custom-built desk with a pegboard and ample shelving allows for versatility and flexibility. It is embedded into the wall to maximize more useable floor space.

This young couple realized their dreams of a personalized and functional urban living space, marked by creativity, energy, and fun.
>Brooklyn, NY
>Andres Triana

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