>We were approached by a client seeking to redesign the top floor of their single-family home to accommodate their artist daughter. The goal was to create an open and fluid living space, incorporating premium materials such as marble and corrugated metal. Our team worked collaboratively with the client, utilizing detailed mock-ups to achieve precisely the desired outcome. All furniture was custom-designed and crafted to ensure seamless integration with the aesthetic vision of the project.

One of the key features of the renovated space is the modular kitchen. We designed it to be entirely open, featuring a striking yellow conical exhaust hood that serves as a centerpiece. Not only does it fulfill its functional purpose, but it also adds a sculptural element. This design choice reinforces the central role of the kitchen in the space and creates a welcoming social environment.

Throughout the project, we used simple, efficient, and functional architectural solutions. The result is a space that reflects the client's vision.
>Renens, Switzerland

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