METOPE STUDIO is an international design studio based in New York City and in Switzerland.
Aware of our present and time, at METOPE STUDIO, we explore design possibilities, challenging them and working as a bridge across the environment, the materiality, and the user.
We consider that the built environment should serve and fit the needs of individuals, families, organizations, and communities, embracing human values and cultural diversity as our strengths. It should help us live, work, and play the way we want to.
As human beings, we experience the world through our bodies and senses. At METOPE STUDIO, we are not only designing a nice-looking place; we are engineering with space, materiality, light, technology, and emotions. A building should be simple, easy to maintain and affordable yet rich to the eyes.
We want to make everyday life better with a healthy, sustainable design and provide affordance for everybody.


Metope [noun]:
“The space between two triglyphs of the Doric frieze, which, among the ancients, was often adorned with carved work.”

From the Greek META meaning “between” and OPE meaning “the hole”. We position ourselves between the rigidity of engineering and the unpredictable softness of the human being; the office nourishes from this duality, and acts as a bridge. At METOPE STUDIO, we tried to find a predominant direction in the evolution of contemporary architecture and identify the outlines of what could be defined as a new trend that we call "Metamodernism." This in-between the modernism and the post-modernism.

New York City / Switzerland